September 20, 2023

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Lok Lak Wrap with Flat Bread

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The only difference between this Cambodian Lok Lak Wrap with Flat Bread dish and a standard lok lak recipe is that you add onion, bell pepper, and wrap it in flat bread.

2 lbs of good beef cube or slice to bite size, marinate with
4 tablespoon of oyster sauce
2 tablespoon of sugar (more or less up to you)
2 tablespoon of fish sauce
4 tablespoon of minced garlic
2 tablespoon of thick soy sauce (dragon brand)
1 teaspoon of black pepper
2 tablespoon of rice vinegar
1 thinly sliced onion
1 thinly sliced red bell pepper
Mix and marinate the above ingredients for 1 hour or longer
1 green onion
2 tablespoon of chopped cilantro
Roman lettuce to wrap the mixture
1 package of flat bread to wrap

Pepper lime sauce
1 lime juice
1 tablespoon of fish sauce or salt
1 teaspoon of black pepper
Sugar to your taste
Mix it well set aside adjust to your taste

Making Cambodian Lok Lak Wraps with Flat Bread
Heat the oil on high, then add the marinated beef and fry until it is no longer pink and tender. Turn off the heat and allow the meat to cool slightly before adding the green onion and cilantro.
Wrap the mixture between lettuce leaves and flat bread when ready to serve, then pour with pepper lime sauce.

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