September 21, 2023

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Khmer Style Beef Salad

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Today I made ភ្លាសាច់គោ (plea sach go) Some of the ingredients I used were fresh round eye beef, lemon grass, lemons, garlic, chili, and much more. It’s light and super delicious. If you like this video don’t forget to like, comment, and share.

Ingredients (គ្រឿងផ្សំ)

Beef (សាច់គោ) – 250g
Lemongrass (ស្លឹកគ្រៃ)- 3 sticks
Long beans (សណ្ដែកកួរ) – 200g
Green Tomatoes (ប៉េងប៉ោះបៃតង) – 300g
Cucumber (ត្រសក់) – 200g
Red Chilli (ក្រហមម្ទេស) – 1 small
Red Onion (ខ្ទឹមក្រហម) – 100g
Lime (ក្រូចឆ្មា) – 3 small
Salt (អំបិល) – pinch
Sugar (ស្ករ) – 2 tsp
Stock (ម្សៅសាច់មាន) – 1 tsp

We’re returning to Khmer classics, and here’s a terrific lunch dish: Khmer Beef Salad… Made with extremely gently cooked meat and traditional Cambodian veggies.

Chop vegetables (lemongrass, red onion, red chilli, lime, green beans, green tomatoes, cucumbers)
Cut beef into very thin slices
Add lime to beef
Add salt, sugar, stock & fish sauce
Mix, add to pan & cook for a minute
Pour the beef over cut vegetables & stir well

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