November 29, 2023

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Lime Rice

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You’ll never go back to regular old white rice after trying our Cilantro Lime Rice. A few basic ingredients and a few extra seconds of work are all that is required to alter your rice.

Inspired by Chipotle’s rice, it’s the perfect quick side dish for so many of your favorite Mexican mains, as well as a range of other cuisines.

All you need is a fast cut and squeeze…

Why We Love Chipotle Cilantro Lime Rice
It’s super versatile. You can use it in burritos or burrito bowls, like at Chipotle, or serve it alongside your favorite mains.
This rice requires next to no extra effort. Once your basic white rice is cooked, it only takes a few minutes.
The flavors are so good. You’re going to be amazed how such simple ingredients can elevate your rice so much.

What Rice Should I Use for Cilantro Lime Rice?
We prefer either jasmine or basmati rice (which is what we use). They have a natural fragrance and are considerably more forgiving. Regular long grain rice is prone to becoming mushy.

You may use the same recipe if you prefer brown rice, simply adjust the cooking time.

Lime Juice
Chopped Cilantro

How to cook
Cook the rice in salted water. While it’s cooking, chop the cilantro, squeeze the limes and mix them together in a small bowl, along with the oil.

When the rice is done cooking, fluff it with a fork, allow it to cool for a couple of minutes, then toss in the cilantro lime juice mixture.

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