November 29, 2023

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Samlor Maju Kroeng sach Kor 

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Beef curry is a very simple dish and is often eaten, but the taste may not be the same, depending on the chef or the chef himself, so for those who have never cooked before. Seen this way, the taste is guaranteed to be delicious.

300 g thinly sliced ​​beef
2 Spoon Impact
Dried peppers soak in water and chew 1 tablespoon.
Ripe or tamarind can also be
Race through the bikes
Enemy peppers 2-3 fruits
Laughing orange leaves
Take the leaves to the fire and pick only the leaves.
Chewing Prahok
Fish sauce
Soup powder

Put the pan on the fire, add a little oil or cooking oil, then add the prahok beef, dried chillies, sugar, fish sauce, mix well and stir for 5-10 minutes.
Add water and simmer until the beef is tender, put the ripe tamarind in a small bowl, pour the boiling broth over the tamarind and pour the tamarind juice into the pot (do not add all can be reduced later) or use Krasang is more delicious
Add squash, pepper, salt, flour, soup and leave to boil. Taste as you like
If you want sour, you can add tamarind juice
Add lemon zest and squash leaves and stir.
Ready to eat

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