November 22, 2023

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Papaya Salad

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Tam-style pounding salads are essential to Lao and Isan cuisines, and they have evolved into a fast-food, on-the-go item that can now be found all around Thailand and pretty much anywhere that sells Lao or Thai meals outside of Southeast Asia. While all som tam salads are prepared in the same way (more on that later), the ingredients and flavor characteristics differ by area.

Som tam in Laos and Isan is more savory and sour than sweet, with additions like pla ra—a fermented fish sauce known as padaek in Lao—salted crabs, and pickled plums. Thanks to a considerable amount of palm sugar in the dressing, this recipe for central Thai-style som tam is evenly balanced between sour and sweet. Sweetness and saltiness can vary greatly between styles, but sourness, or “som,” is a must.

How to make delicious papaya Salad


- Garlic
- Peppers
- Thai Prahok Water
- Palm sugar
- Bicheng
- Fish sauce
- Lemon
- Salted Crab
- Papaya and carrot shuffle
- Tomatoes
- Beans
- Cucumber

How to do:

Beat the garlic and peppers a little finely, add the salted crab, crispy eggplant, a little more crushed tomatoes, add the papaya, carrots, lemon, a little palm sugar, a little cappuccino, a little fish sauce (optional) and then eat 2-3 times and taste. Already.

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