March 22, 2023

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Fish Fries Rice

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In this content i wanna show you how to cook fish fries rice, very deliciously and easily as well.
Please stay tone till end and have video at the end too.


300 grams of Fillet Fish

A Carrot is cut in small cube pieces.

Snow peas and Sugar Snaps Snow Peas and Sugar Snap

Beans is cut in small pieces

5 gloves of garlic cut in small slices

One tablespoon of Oysters source

One tablespoon of veg oil

One tsp of salt

One tsp of sugar

How to cook:

Heat the oil in a frying pan, add the garlic and roast until tender.

  • Heat the veg oil on the pan and then put the garlic in

Add fish, salt, sugar and oyster oil.

  • Add the fillet fish, salt, sugar and oysters source

Add about two tablespoons of water and turn up and down a bit.

  • Add two spoons of water and stir

Stir in the carrots, fish and vegetables afterwards.

  • Put carrots and then other vegetable

Add about two or three tablespoons of water to keep it from drying out.

  • Add two more spoons of water not to make it too dried

Put the cooked rice in the pan

  • Put cooked rice in to the pan
  • Then stir from the bottom up completely.
  • Stir from the lower part nicely and then serve

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