September 20, 2023

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Cripsy rice pancake (Banh Xeo)

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Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country with a beautiful landscape. It has a diverse terrain with mountains, delta, low-lying plains, and Gulf of Thailand coastline. It is a beautiful place which is one of the top tourist attractions in the world. Cambodia also shares a very unique cuisine with lots of delicious recipes. Here is a list of the best dishes that should be enjoyed in Cambodia.

Ban Chao, a well-known historian, came from a low-income family and worked for the government as a copy clerk. His appointment as a clerk at the orchid terrace was made possible by Emperor Ming’s high regard for him. However, Ban Chao was too ambitious to be happy with such a menial job, and he was subsequently fired. He was described as a stubborn young man who had no regard for proper behavior.

Ban Chao presented his case after his brother Ban Gu was demoted for his research on the Former Han. Ban Chao and his mother relocated to the imperial capital Luoyang to support their brother after he was chosen to work at the royal library. But in 73, General Dou Gu set off on a campaign to battle the Xiongnu, and Ban Chao was given the position of deputy major.

He shown leadership qualities in commanding a Xiongnu force, and Dou Gu chose him to go with Officer Guo Xun on a preliminary embassy to the far western territories. King Guang also received an embassy from the Northern Xiongnu when the delegation reached Shanshan, the country’s capital.

The Xiongnu envoys were killed by Ban Chao and the little delegation, and their heads were handed to the monarch. King Guang gave prisoners to Han as part of a non-aggression deal after being shocked and overpowered by Han violence.  The tremendous achievements Ban Chao made in the western areas just began here.

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