November 29, 2023

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How to stir-fry pork with Thai basil

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a. Long beans and pork
Ask your butcher for some ground pork. I give him a quarter of fat to grind for me. More fat makes minced pork more soft. For a healthy option, you may use lean beef, although the flesh would be harder.

For a different texture and mouthfeel from the minced beef, I prefer to add some crunchy veggies. The long bean is the most often utilized vegetable.

The long bean should be cut crosswise into little slices, each about 1/4 cm long. The similar outcome may also be obtained using French beans or snow peas.

b. Garlic and hot peppers
If you exclude the chillies, your Thai recipes won’t be true to the cuisine. For a serving of 400g (14 oz) of minced beef, I use six bird’s eye chilies.

Take off the bird’s eye chilies’ stem. If you are unable to tolerate the heat, shake off the seeds. In order to have adequate flavor without the severe heat of the chili, it is preferable to remove the seeds rather than using less chilies for a less spicy stir-fry.
Slice the chilies into tiny pieces.
Chili should be put in a mortar.
Smash a couple garlic cloves, slice them up, and add them to the chiles.
To unleash the fragrant taste, grind the garlic and chilies into a paste. Then take the paste out of the mortar and place it somewhere safe.

In a small bowl, mix the fish sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, light and dark soy sauces, and one tablespoon of water. Mix thoroughly. The sauce for the stir-fry is made out of this mixture.

The holy trinity of Thai flavors is fish sauce, oyster sauce, and light soy sauce. In addition to this dish, the combination works well for the majority of Thai stir-fries. Although the recipe specifies the ratio that must be used, this ratio is flexible, so you are free to adjust it to your liking.

The western style sunny side or easy-over egg is very different from the Thai crispy fried egg. Sunny side up eggs are not runny, and the side should be somewhat crispy and browned. You might grimace at this handling of the egg if this is your first time preparing Thai food. However, it does taste fantastic, especially the crunchy egg rim!

The Thai crispy fried egg is extremely unlike from the sunny side or easy-over egg prepared in the west. The side should be fairly crispy and browned, and sunny side up eggs should not be runny. If you’ve never made Thai food before, you might frown at the way the egg is being handled. But the flavor is great, especially the crispy egg rim!

To keep things moving when it’s time to stir-fry, prepare everything you’ll need before beginning the short process of making pad kra pao.

The oil from the big skillet or wok where the egg was fried should be saved. Long beans should be stir-fried till aromatic. Remove.
Increase the amount of oil in the pan and cook the chopped garlic and chillies until fragrant.
The ground beef has now been added to the wok. With medium heat, loosen it with the wok spatula and stir-fry the pork until it is fragrant and starting to become a light brown.
Pour the spice mixture over the meat, then completely combine. If it is too dry, a little water may be added.

Add the Thai holy basil leaves and toss and turn the mixture a couple of times.
Add the long beans, stir, and remove from the pan when the leaf begins to wilt.
Serve the dish with fried eggs and white rice.

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