March 21, 2023

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Khmer Food (Amok)

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What is “amok”? You’ll undoubtedly hear about (and maybe even taste) Cambodian amok if you travel to Southeast Asia on one of our culinary excursions to Cambodia and Vietnam, but what is it exactly?

Traditional Khmer (Cambodian) dishes like amok are often cooked using fish, however they can also be made with chicken or beef. The cuisine is often served on a banana-leaf boat and resembles a curry stew. You can choose to offer rice with or without an amok Cambodia.

You may take a Khmer cooking lesson that probably includes a recipe for Cambodian fish amok if you sign up for our culinary trip, Cooking and Culture of Vietnam and Cambodia. Or, if you simply can’t wait, try this fantastic fish amok dish from our Cambodian Khmer cooking class.


120 g Fresh boneless fish fillet (some type of white fish)
50 mL Coconut milk
30 mL Water
20 g Carrot
20 g Cabbage
20 g Kale (destemmed)
10 g Mushrooms (preferably oyster)
1 tsp Oyster sauce*
2 Noni leaves*
Egg, beaten
1 tsp Fish sauce*
1 tps Chicken broth
1 tsp oil
1/2 tsp Shrimp paste*
1 tsp Sugar
2 tsp Amok paste (recipe follows)
Banana leaves for serving*

How to make Amok

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