November 29, 2023

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In Kampot, the secret to noodle

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A few ramshackle shacks in Prey Tnot hamlet, approximately a kilometer along National Road 3 on the way out of Kampot, offer a well-known regional specialty: sea-fish noodle soup.

The soup’s flavor, known as teuk m’heck, is unique to Cambodia.

The dish’s flavor is dominated by the flavor of its major component, the white sea fish known as kantong, and only a few herbs and seasonings (lemongrass, Chinese ginger, sugar, and salt). Teuk m’heck is known for becoming addicting, however it may take a few bowls for most people to grow to like it.

The soup is cooked by restaurant owner Nak Thou using freshly produced, homemade rice noodles. While quick noodles are an option, they wouldn’t be as soft or complement the soup as well. You stated. People especially come here because we provide fresh noodles.

The noodle soup is prepared by you from 8 am until 3 pm, after which you sell bowls of it for 2,000 riel until 8 pm. She claimed, “I’ve never kept track of how many bowls I sell, but it must be more than 100 every day.

Along with sugar cane juice and soft beverages, the menu also includes fresh noodles with Cambodian soup (2,000 riel), fresh noodles with dried shrimp and chilli sauce (2,000 riel), and fresh noodles with red curry (4,000 riel).

Thou’s cabin, which boasts a view of the nearby mountains, woods, and rice fields, is frequently filled with teuk m’heck lovers on weekends and holidays.

She is humble about the caliber of her offering.

She comments, “I’m not sure if our fresh noodle with sea-fish soup is particularly different from usual. But it’s inexpensive.

Jae Thou Restaurant, Prey Tnot Village, National Road 3, Kampot.

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