September 21, 2023

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Mobile games 2021 Top Game Online

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Mobile games 2021

Mobile games 2021

Every year new games appear and some titles are more anticipated than others. For this year 2021, gamers will still be spoiled with titles as exciting as each other. Adventure games and games that guarantee thrills are particularly popular with the public. Find out about the latest trends in mobile video games for the coming year.

What are the most popular mobile games?
Before discussing the list of online mobile games that will be trending for the year 2021, it is worth mentioning the genres that appeal to the public the most:

Fighting and action games are particularly popular for the good dose of adrenaline they guarantee to those who indulge in it;
Role-playing and strategy games are also very popular, because they encourage its practitioners to exercise their tactical sense and their rage to win;
We cannot fail to mention the rise of mobile casinos in Canada and elsewhere which allows fans to have fun gambling without having to leave home;
Games for the general public, or casual game for insiders, are equally popular, thanks to their accessibility and ease of rules.
Throughout the year, the public can experience many releases of these popular games. There is something for every taste.

Online mobile games on Android and iOS: Ragnarok Origin
Ragnarok Origin belongs to the category of MMPORG or massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It is entertainment that involves many players at the same time and they evolve in the same virtual universe. Adventure is usually around the corner.

Ragnarok Origin is published by Gravity Interactive and is played on both Android and iOS. This title takes a lot of inspiration from the classic video game version, but offers even more stunning visuals and a refined gameplay.

This improved version offers particularly interesting options such as the larger map. In addition, the environment now includes a mine, fishing activities, gardening and much more. Like other real money online games, the player can spend money to optimize their world and increase their power.
Online casino games on mobile
Today, it is also possible to indulge in online casino games on mobile. There are now a few casinos in Canada and around the world that have developed their platforms to ensure that the gaming experience remains optimal, whether on desktop or mobile. Better yet, some virtual rooms have developed a mobile application to facilitate access from a smartphone or tablet.

Thus, most of the games found in traditional casinos are accessible on a mobile, whether it is slot machines like Gonzo’s Quest, card games like poker or blackjack, dice games such as craps and much more. And whether on mobile or from a computer, it is still quite possible to play for real money. Which makes the games even more interesting since real wins are the key.

Disney Mirrorverse, a role-playing game
This game developed by Kabam Games is classified in the category of role-playing games which should be released soon on Android and iOS. It invites players to set off on a thrilling adventure with characters from the worlds of Pixar and Disney.

The action is at the heart of the games, and players are transported on a journey whose ultimate goal is to defend the Mirrorverse. We will then have to fight, knowing that the journey takes place in a magnificent setting.
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Side panels
In practice, it will be necessary to pilot a horde of guardians specially created and imagined to ensure the protection of the Mirrorverse.

Spyjinx, role-playing and strategy game
This game by Bad Robot Games and Epic Games should soon be available on iOS and Android. This is a title that is sure to please fans of the spy game. Action and strategy come together in an entertainment that promises many twists and turns.

You put yourself in the shoes of a “Mastermind” who is embarked on a heist with multiple implications, around the espionage of the secrets which ensue.
High-tech gadgets will be available to the player and it would even be possible to activate an RPG (role-playing) mode to develop characters. It would also be possible to have fun in multiplayer mode. While waiting for an official release, a few privileged gamers may already be enjoying the beta on iOS in a few handpicked countries.

The Marvel Realm of Champions role-playing game
Marvel Realm of Champions is a role-playing game developed by Kabam Games which has been available since 2020 for Android and iOS. Players are propelled to the planet called Battleworld where things have been turned upside down since Maestro’s death.

This world is then ravaged by war and you have to go into battle to take power and dominate in this universe. All the ingredients are there to spend moments of exhilarating games, in a particularly well-designed universe.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road
Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is a role-playing game created by developer Square Enix that is compatible with Android and iOS. This is a Kingdom Hearts spin off designed specifically for mobile gamers. You will be entitled to characteristic elements of this universe, including high speed battles.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition
This remastered version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is signed by Square Enix. This is an accessible role-playing game on iOS and Android that takes players back to one of the cult games of the 2000s. Fans will be able to discover new dubbing as well as a multiplayer mode.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles also reserves new elements including skins, characters, dungeons not to mention the increasingly fierce bosses. This sequel promises to be surprising.

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