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King of Avalon Free Gift Codes

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King of Avalon Free Gift Codes

King of Avalon Free Gift Codes

First of all, let’s remember that a King of Avalon gift code is in no way affiliated with any cheating system. Indeed, this is an official present given by Century Games to celebrate various occasions. It could be a specific event in the year related to various celebrations such as Christmas or the New Year. Promo codes may also emerge during specific events for the game. This could include the number of downloads of the application reached or its anniversary date. In short, you will understand, all these King of Avalon codes are perfectly legal and in a way embody a thank you from Century Games to the players.
Because a promo code is transmitted by the game team, it is legitimate to find it on various platforms affiliated with Century Games. Thus, it can be found on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but also on sites like Reddit or even the Discord dedicated to the game. If the codes are found thus scattered, it is to encourage players to follow the news of the game. As the codes also have a limited duration in time, they require a certain reactivity of the community.
To activate the King of Avalon codes, you must do the following:

Starting the game
Click on your avatar portrait located in the left corner at the top of the screen to access the Player Profile.
Then select on the cogwheel located in the left corner at the bottom of the screen to get to the “Settings” screen.
Click on the gift icon captioned “GIFT CODE”
There you go, you can enter the code in the little pop-up window that just appeared!
We’ve compiled a list of all the codes found on different networks to save you the trouble of doing some lengthy searches. A few small reminders should nevertheless be mentioned before entering your codes:

Watch out for upper and lower case letters! They must be respected, so do not hesitate to copy / paste the codes for ease.
The game doesn’t like entering too many codes in a short period of time and will refuse to count the following ones. However, you only need to wait a few hours for the game to authorize you to enter codes again.
Each code is obviously for one-time use.
King of Avalon 2021 codes still good:

Unfortunately, no valid code is currently available. Patience!

Expired King of Avalon Codes:

If you notice that some codes are missing from the list, please let us know in the comments. This way, this list will stay up to date and thus bring all the King of Avalon codes together in one place. In order not to miss a possible addition, do not hesitate to subscribe to Jeumobi notifications. In addition, for more convenience to enter the codes or simply to enjoy better playing comfort, don’t forget that it is also possible to play King of Avalon on PC!
Fortunately, to help you, there are automatic calculation systems to give you the right troop formation according to your marching ability! Discover with us how the Troop Training Calculator works on King of Avalon!
The reason for using the Troop Formation Calculator on King of Avalon is simple. When playing this game you have to compose your troops yourself to set in motion to attack! For example, you have to choose the number of riders, the percentage of archers, etc. With the KoA Troop Calculator tool, this is done automatically. No need to worry! So, in summary, the Troop Training Calculator is a time saver and an insurance to win your battles. ⚔️
. You therefore have the possibility to do the calculation to configure your PvP and PvE troop formations (Golem, Portal).
You will find several Troop Calculators for KoA on the Internet! However, we strongly recommend using the mobile version of this system!

In order to use this system properly, you simply need to download the application for free. Then select “King of Avalon“, since the calculator is also made for Guns of Glory.Then indicate the percentage of type of troops you want.

Be aware that the troop mix numbers may differ depending on your own stats. For example, for about 200,000 capacity, you could ask 10% infantry, 30% cavalry, 50% archers, and 10% siege. At that point, you just have to ask the calculator to do the math for you! Here you will do the following calculation 10% of 200,000, etc.
Developers and users want to make our life easier! This is why the Troop Formation is not the only calculator! , we also recommend the calculator from KoAbots, quite powerful and directly downloadable on PC for King of Avalon players on computer.
A resource production estimate calculator is also available through the Discord.

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