September 19, 2023

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Brawl Star Free Gift Reward Links

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Brawl Star Free Gift Reward Links

Brawl Star Free Gift Reward Links

Return of the Brawl Star Free Gift Reward Links , arrival of the two new brawlers Brawl Star Free Gift Reward Links and Fang, 3rd anniversary of the game’s worldwide release, new Duels mode and seasonal skins, it’s all in the Brawl Talk for December 2021! We take stock of the two new brawlers and let you review the new features of this early winter on Brawl Stars on video.
Brawl Star Free Gift Reward Links is an epic brawler who throws explosive X-shaped bombs on the ground. With his Super attack, the area of impact expands and can even destroy walls. His skills shine especially if you need a CC brawler and hold chokepoints.
Brawl Star Free Gift Reward Links strange outfit is explained by a fear he hides under a colorful hoodie: the fear of children. He serves as a security guard in Starr Park at the castle and befriended his walkie-talkie.
In a totally different style, Fang fights melee. Instead of using a chain hit, you’ll have to concentrate on hitting one-hit and dealing heavy damage. If you miss your shot, Fang’s shoe will fly in that direction as a ranged attack.

Its super attack is a long range charge attack. In addition to speeding up its movement, this charge will deal damage to enemies in Fang’s Road. This brawler should require a fair amount of mastery but offer interesting results for those who take the time to learn how to use their kit optimally.

All the details of the Brawl Anniversary (the 3 years of the global release), rewards, duel mode, season 10 and available skins can be found in the Brawl Talk video below. It comes in the midst of talks to boost the company by further investment from Tencent despite the Finnish studio’s sagging numbers.
Brawl Stars gear and more are coming with the November 17 update. Among them, we learn that the maximum level of champions is being pushed back, Brawler’s equipment is appearing and even Clubs are entitled to modifications! We invite you to come back in detail on everything that will change with this update!
We start the unboxing of new features with the maximum level of brawlers. Indeed, the latter can now reach level 11. To reach it, it will be necessary to obtain Coins and Power Points.
Level 11: 1440 PP and 2800 Coins → 2nd and last Brawler Equipment slot unlocked
Since you now know how to equip your heroes, we can now focus on acquiring this new material. First, you’ll need to get Equipment Tokens as well as Scrap Metal.
Each piece created can be upgraded to level 3 to boost the passive effects granted to the champion. Five types of brawler passives are therefore available with the Brawl Stars equipment:

Damage: If your health bar is less than 50% then you will deal 10/15/20% more damage.
Health: If you stay still, your health regenerates by 100/150/200.
Resistance: Slows and stuns have their effectiveness and duration reduced by 25/30/35%.
Defense: You gain a 300/450/600 health shield that gradually heals (5% every 0.5 seconds) provided your health bar remains intact.
Please keep in mind that each Brawl Stars item of equipment remains linked to the champion to which it was assigned. Therefore, it is not possible to change brawler equipment when transferring it from one character to another. However, you can select whatever gear you want before each match, just like a gadget.
Clubs are unlocked once the 900 trophies have been reached. They bring together up to 30 people under one banner. Together you take on other Clubs every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. At the end of the fights, you win Tickets as well as Club Trophies. The first allows you to compete against other players in Standard (Bo1) or Competitive (Bo3) matches. The second, meanwhile, affects your ranking. You can also decide if you want to fight with random partners or with members of your Club.
Indeed, initially, the ranking in the league depends on the total of Club Trophies collected by the members. Each player will then be awarded Club Points according to the performance achieved during the fights. It is these scores that will make it possible to establish the final classification and to determine the general level of the Club as well as the rewards which Each week, members will also receive Club Coins. The latter currency can be exchanged for Exclusive Skins, Assignable Power Points, Coins and even new currencies relating to the creation of Brawl Stars equipment.
The new Star Cup competitive mode was introduced with the latest update to Brawl Stars. It replaces the Star Marathon mode, which was ultimately not very successful. For its part, Coupe Star promises epic confrontations in P2P. Whether solo or in a team, this is an opportunity to show your level by moving up the various ranks of the Star Cup. Obviously, the better the rank obtained, the more interesting rewards you will unlock.

For those who are still hesitant to get started, we have provided you with a summary of important information you need to know about Star Brawl Stars Cup mode (Power League).
Star Cup is a game mode that can be consumed without moderation.

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