November 29, 2023

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All Rise of Kingdoms 2021 gift codes

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All Rise of Kingdoms 2021 gift codes

All Rise of Kingdoms 2021 gift codes

Gift codes in Rise of Kingdoms always give you a welcome little boost. Whatever your strategy of conquest and your civilization (Byzantines, Germans, Romans …), these redemption codes allow you to obtain free resources to progress in the game faster and defeat your opponents. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gamer, consider claiming all the bonuses from the Rise of Kingdoms 2021 gift codes.
Rise of Kingdoms gift codes don’t just drop from the sky. We must therefore seek them out while remaining attentive on social networks. In the game’s community tab, you will find links to the various official pages. However, they are not very complicated to find and you can always search for them on the web yourself.

Facebook: a reliable and certain source that issues at least one gift code per month;
Instagram: a source that is somewhat duplicated with Facebook, Instagram uses almost the same information for gift codes as the Rise of Kingdoms Facebook account;
For people who are not yet there, there is a risk that the server will be full;
Reddit: Everything about everything can be found here, as long as the site gathers all the information. However, they should also be taken with a grain of salt.
To save you time, we’ve made a list of the currently valid codes at the end of the article!
In order to activate the gift codes, just open Rise of Kingdoms and follow a few simple steps to get the rewards. Codes are 10 characters long.

Time needed: 1 minute.

Go to the game
Log in to Rise of Kingdoms.

Open the option menu

Open the reward tab
Click on the gift icon (Redeem).

Enter gift code
Enter the Rise of Kingdoms gift code without making any mistakes and activate it by clicking on the redeem button.

Claim the free reward
Once the operation is successful, you will receive a notification to confirm the sending of the gift pack. Click on Claim.
Obviously, gift coupons only remain active for a limited time and can only be activated once per account. We cannot therefore abuse the generosity of developers.
Codes are only active for a limited time. There is only one solution: play Rise of Kingdoms regularly and come back to this article from time to time to see if new codes are available!
List updated on September 7, 2021. Please add other valid codes in comments or report expired codes!

In the year 2020, the ROKVIKINGS, nyprp7zp7q, d725ig2acq, Discord100, mwmjwzetgc and ktjb79nsav codes have already expired. This makes it unnecessary to try to use them.

This is the end of this tip, now you know how to redeem a code on Rise of Kingdoms and earn your first rewards. Don’t hesitate to read our tutorial on how to install Rise of Kingdoms on PC for better performance!
Your first choice as a RoK (formerly Rise of Civilizations) player will be that of your civilization. Determining for the rest of the game, it should not be taken lightly. And this is the topic with which we begin our Rise of Kingdoms guide!

Your best bet for the first game is to select a civilization that matches the general playstyle you like on strategy titles. Whether you’re the type to beat everyone up, farm quietly, or discover new lands, there is a civilization that is right for you.
In fact, your playstyle will certainly change as the game progresses. So don’t be afraid to change civilizations during the game as explained in our guide on choosing the right civilization in Rise of Kingdoms. If civilization is really not for you, you might as well change it quickly or restart a game because the road will be long.
Civilizations can have different types of bonuses. Some involve unit types such as cavalry or infantry. Others apply to research or even build speed, which can have a big impact on the direction of your nation’s development. Suffice to say that you must already have an idea of what the game will be before making your decision.

Impossible, you will tell me! But don’t panic, take a look at the guide and you’ll be fine.
Playing a mobile game on PC… Yes, you read that right. More and more players are taking it up, and for good reason. First of all, it allows you to enjoy the game with better performance, especially if your phone is not really the best on the market.
Isn’t that enough to convince you? Well, there is still the essential if you plan to try hard on RoK. By using an emulator like Bluestacks to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC, you will also have the ability to manage a multi-instance game. This one feature alone should persuade you to consider it. Let me explain.

Playing on one account and boosting it to death with a whole bunch of tips and great strategy decisions is good. But playing Rise of Kingdoms on multiple accounts, with one account reigning over the others who are there to provide him with resources and propel him as quickly as possible far ahead of the other players, even better.

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