September 23, 2023

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The best connectionless games on Android and iOS in 2021

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The best connectionless games on Android and iOS in 2021

The best connectionless games on Android and iOS in 2021

Despite the deployment of 4G and 5G, it happens on the move that you find yourself without a connection on your smartphone, whether in a metro, in a white zone or abroad if you do not have a package. international. However, it’s not impossible to use your phone for gaming, as long as you’ve taken the time to download the right games beforehand.

If you have an Apple Arcade subscription on your Apple product, we also have a selection of our favorite games for you. For Android users, consider the Play Pass service which, on a monthly subscription basis, provides unlimited access to a selection of high-quality mobile apps and games, without ads or in-app purchases.
Here we find the famous Ubisoft hero without arms or legs, but always ready for adventure, in a fun platform game that uses the usual codes of the franchise. This time Rayman must find the ancestral eggs that have been stolen and scattered around the world. You choose your hero or heroine and then set off to explore the scenery in search of the Incrediballs, these strange beings who will help you in your mission, or else free the Ptizêtre.

A very pleasant game for the retina and which takes full advantage of the tactile controls which are very easy to assimilate. The game is free, but has some in-app purchases to take advantage of certain options (you will obviously need an internet connection at this time!)
In Sixit, you play as a sort of mammal crystallizing the hopes of an entire village to escape a terrible storm that threatens the inhabitants. The only problem: you are only allowed six actions each time you go for a walk in said village.
Some games strain your nerves, while others are a great way to decompress. I Love Hue falls into this second category. The goal is simple: replace the colored boxes in order to restore a fresco in a gradient of colors to its original condition. Between the relaxing music and the compliments at the end of each level, it’s a Zen atmosphere guaranteed.
Alto’s Odyssey is the successor to Alto’s Adventure.You have objectives of points and figures to complete to unlock characters with various abilities. The game benefits from beautiful colors and very relaxing soft music.The title is free, but you have to shell out a handful of euros to get rid of the ads.
Who has never dreamed of playing a llama? With Adventure Llama this is now a reality! The camelid moves forward automatically and you control its leaps, with the ability to hover in the air at will. Jump from platform to platform, push crates, activate buttons and solve puzzles to collect as many points as possible. This one-finger gameplay, accessible to all, and its crazy universe will make this game fun for young and old. But beware, invasions are looming over you and you will also have to take the risk of getting out of the shelter to retrieve items.
A princess locked in a dungeon, a prince already defeated by the dragon. No problem, the Once Upon a Tower heroine just needs to use her hammer to descend the tower to escape fairly quickly, dodging traps and enemies.
A classic.
The hack’n’slash style is arguably one of the most satisfying in the gaming industry. There is something paradoxically calming about slaughtering dozens of enemies with all the effort or with a lot of incantations. The game has pretty neat graphics and is free to play, but in-app purchases will obviously make you spend some cash to unlock bonuses.
Space Marshals 2 is an isometric 3D action / infiltration game set in a space wild west. It plays a marshall of space charged with maintaining order.Between action, infiltration and dual-stick shooter, this title shines both by its gameplay and its very neat graphics.
It’s available for free (with ads between each level, or a timer when you’re offline), but you can remove the ads and get better rewards by paying the $ 6 for the Pro version.
Since 2020, Plague Inc. has taken on a whole new dimension. Still a great game, perfect for killing time. Your goal is to infect the whole world and wipe out the world’s population with the help of a virus. Collect DNA points and mutate it to make it even more contagious and deadly. For 99 cents, you’ll remove the ads and get some extra, but dispensable, features.
No strategy, thinking or puzzles in Duet, skill and skill are the key words.

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