November 28, 2023

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The 8 best software for developing a mobile video game

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The 8 best software for developing a mobile video game

The 8 best software for developing a mobile video game

Over the past year, more than 194 billion mobile video games have been downloaded worldwide.Our smartphones are becoming more and more powerful and now allow an experience that increasingly resembles a real portable console. We are a long way from Snake!

As everywhere, as something democratizes, software is flourishing to design your own game. We will discover some of these tools in this article.
Behind this tool hides the company that developed – excuse the little – Fortnite. With Unreal Engine, you can deploy your game on Android and iOS consoles, PCs, and mobiles.

Unreal Engine is equipped with a set of virtual and augmented reality tools for developing mobile games.

The price
Although the UE CV shines with a thousand games, it is free to download. Epic Games will however receive 5% of your income if your game earns more than € 3000 per month.
, which This probably explains why Unity is the platform of choice for 45% of game makers around the world.
Lumberyard is a free game engine, behind which is Amazon. You feel the blow coming, the offer integrates with Amazon Web Services and therefore allows developers to host their games on Amazon’s servers.

Like the other development tools mentioned above, Lumberyard offers cross-platform functionality and the ability to create high-quality games.
With its drag-and-drop user interface, GameSalad is very easy to use. With a template store, you are not starting from scratch and your game will take shape faster than expected!

This tool is intended for simple, arcade-type games and is a good first contact with the world of video game creation.

The price
Gamesalad is free to try out and allows you to publish and share your game online on different platforms: iOS, Android, Html5. Count at least $ 17 / month thereafter. As its name does not indicate it is possible to obtain a 3D rendering.
GDevelop is another open-source tool which, like GameSalad, does not require any special knowledge to develop a game. Besides being very easy to use, you have an array of ready-to-use templates. You can obviously publish your work on any platform you want.

Unfortunately, this little-known tool does not yet have a sufficient community and you will therefore have to content yourself with the tutorials available on its website,
Ideal for intermediate users, GameMaker Studio is very easy to access with its “drag and drop” operation allowing you to publish a game without having to write a single line of code. Its strength is still offering its users the opportunity to familiarize themselves with its code, then allowing them to open up the possibilities and take a video game to the top.

The price
A free plan lets you test the beast, but it will cost you a few dollars to publish your game on Android and iOS, and even a lot more if you want to conquer Xbox One, PS4 and more.
The last tool on this list is CryEngine. This is an engine primarily used to create 3D games.

CryEngine is perfect if you want to develop first person shooter games. In addition, CryEngine offers its user many features such as WYSIWYG, a material editor, a character animation system …

Be careful, although CryEngine is a very complete and powerful tool for developing games, it requires a fairly long learning phase.
With such a variety, it’s hard not to find something that fits. Whether you are a beginner or familiar with the various coding languages, this list has everything you need to create the next hottest game!
Nothing could be simpler: present your project on and receive numerous quotes from professionals quickly and for free!
Here we are ! This period of the year when social network specialists think about their strategy for the next 12 months … If 2021 has been rich in events, between the brands that have adapted to the post-pandemic context, the Facebook scandals, the arrival Clubhouse… 2022 promises to be just as intense with trends that combine inclusiveness, metaverse, remuneration and decentralization.
The end of cookies is scheduled for 2023! The protection of the personal data of Internet users being at the center of its concerns, Google wants to give up these “spy cookies”. Are you worried that this will affect your marketing campaigns? The solution may lie in social media ads.

Why ? Because social networks are very good at collecting information about their users.

This first-party data is then broken down into thousands of targeting criteria that help you reach an audience similar to your current customers.

Even though companies like Apple limit the possibilities for tracking, you can still:

Configure audiences with a profile similar to your prospects, using targeting criteria
Configure audiences with a profile similar to your Facebook and / or Instagram subscribers
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Launch retargeting on your newsletter subscribers
Re-engage visitors to your website who have accepted cookies
The marketing potential of social media ads is still very strong and could help you do well in 2022!

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