September 20, 2023

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Christmas comes to all Summoners War games from Com2Us Holdings

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Christmas comes to all Summoners War games from Com2Us Holdings

Christmas comes to all Summoners War games from Com2Us Holdings

It’s Christmas in the Summoners War games! On the program, a winter festival, 2 new watches for SW, an inter-server combat arena and legendary vellum and winter vacation-themed events! For Lost Centuria, we discover Alicia Polar Queen, the new legendary water monster, as well as a festival similar to the first. Details of these two Summoners War updates in this article so you don’t miss anything in-game!

Christmas on Summoners War
At this Christmas time, what could be more beautiful than to bathe in the snow (when you have it)? That’s what Summoners War is all about in this winter update. The addition of the Cross-Server Battle Arena allows players to compete against each other from all corners of the world. Each of the six major regions (Europe, Asia, Japan, Korea, China and Global) will be able to constitute its team. 10,000 players will have to qualify for a chance to participate in the fight between 200 teams of 50 players from all regions. This event will end after 8 weeks.
Additionally, two new monsters have come to Summoners War: the Runehammer Blacksmith and the Weapons Master. Available in 5 elements like the others, the Wind Weapons Master offers, for example, a gameplay focused on rage that increases her attack power as her HP loses while the Blacksmith with the runic hammer is focuses on a debuffed Dark Mode playstyle. The two new monsters can be found in your Special Summons until December 27. In fact, 10 used Mystic Vellum gives you an additional Mystical Vellum until that date.

By the way, I take this opportunity to share this absolutely monstrous little tweet from the official Twitter account. Poor monsters, I didn’t see it like that, me …
Then, between now and January 2, take advantage of the holiday season to collect Christmas socks (available in Cairos and Rift Dungeons, Raid of the Worlds, etc.) and unlock 1 Devilemon, 50 Mystic Vellum and 3 Legendary Vellum among other rewards.

For even more rewards, don’t forget to activate your Summoners War monthly and bonus codes as we added 4 more this weekend!
Players can take advantage of Season 8 special events to acquire Alicia Polar Queen in Lost Centuria. In addition, special quests will be available until December 27, 2021. These will give you tokens to exchange for tomes or cards to celebrate the Winter Festival!
Create your own strategies and monster combinations! Gather the best team of monsters to achieve victory!

Find internet user reviews and tips on the SW sheet.
While Summoners War: Sky Arena has peaked at the top of the gacha market for over 6 years now, its updates remain as regular as ever. Let’s go back to the announcement of patch 6.3.6 for SW Sky Arena. In this update, you will find two new monsters: Celestial Surfer and ROBO, each with its own specificities.
ROBO and Celestial Surfer make their debut in Summoners War patch 6.3.6. Before going into details, however, remember a few constraints. The two new monsters will not be available for use in S5 Occupy Battles or regional prelims for SWC2021, globally until August 23.
For its part, the Surfer in patch 6.3.6 is a very offensive creature of which only the Water and Dark types will reduce its offensiveness to regain a more buff / debuff gameplay.

Also note that ROBO and Celestial Surfer are the subject of a special summon event that boosts their drop rate. This special invocation will be held until August 29 at 5:00 p.m. KST.
In addition to these two creatures, the maximum number of gems / grindstones you can store in inventory has been increased from 1200 to 1500. The level 2 to 5 rewards for Raid Worlds have also been adjusted. You will get fewer Manastones, Metamorphic Stones, or Arcenmons, but more Summoning Stones in levels 3 to 5, and more Heroic or Legendary Gems and Grindstones. For more rewards, also consider checking out the 2021 SW Code List.

Bugs have also been fixed. Find the complete list of bug fixes for this update 6.3.6 at the bottom of the SW announcement.

On the other hand, you will now be able to check the combat rules during combat tests or replays broadcast in your guild. With this patch 6.3.6, you will also notice the addition of the Guild Seal Store in the Guild Store. And finally, the reward for completing the 100th floor of the Ascension Tribunal in Hard will now be all-attribute Legendary Vellum.

To conclude on an e-sports note, we now know the dates of the preliminary phases of the Summoners War World Arena Championship 2021.

Europe, J1 August 14, J2 15 and J3 21.
Asia / Pacific group C, J1 August 14, J2 15.
Asia / Pacific group D, J1 August 21, J2 22.
End of reading, drop me these new mobs!
Lost Centuria update 1.3.5 has just been released and it brings some exciting new content! First, 2 new monsters are appearing in the game, then a new game mode, Friendly Competition, that we can’t wait to discover. We come back to this patch in detail to give you all the information.

2 new monsters are coming to Lost Centuria
No new legendary monster on the program for this update! Indeed, it will be necessary to be satisfied with a rare monster and an epic monster.


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